Amazon Kindle - Kindle Scribe 2022 (64GB) 10.2" Premium Pen


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🧡 Includes a Kindle Scribe (64 GB) - Features the world’s first Kindle for reading and writing, with a 10.2” 300 ppi Paperwhite display and a Premium Pen. Read and write as naturally as you do on paper. 🧡使用世界上第一款 10.2 吋、300 ppi 的無反光 Paperwhite 顯示器和附帶的高級筆,可以像在紙上一樣自然地閱讀和寫作。 【NOTE TO CUSTOMER 】 1. This is Parallel imported goods. Ads supported. 2. Different Country Version is randomly dispatched depending on supply. All versions support Eng / Chi. 3. Kindle is packed using paper box. We guaranteed the seal is unopened but the packaging may not be 100% perfect for above reason. Please do not worry and enjoy the product. 【顧客請注意 】 1. 此商品為平行進口 廣告版 2. 進口版本隨機發貨 視乎供應 所有版本均支援中/英文 3. 商品採用環保紙包裝,本店保証封條未開封但包裝盒有可能因運送而有小許破損,顧客請放心使用



Take notes within millions of titles in the Kindle Store – Handwrite thoughts on sticky notes in your favorite book with the included Premium Pen. Notes are automatically organized by book in one place, so you can browse, review, and export them via email.

Create notebooks, journals, and lists – Choose from a variety of included templates like lined paper, grid paper, checklists, and more.

Review documents and take notes digitally – Use the Kindle app or desktop web browser to import documents. Review and mark up PDF files or create sticky notes in Microsoft Word and other compatible documents. Export documents and notes via email.

Read and write comfortably day or night – Whether immersing yourself in a non-fiction book, or reviewing a document, Kindle Scribe has a large, high-resolution display, adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light, and larger font sizes for a personalized experience.

A world class library, more beautiful than ever – Take notes within millions of books all brought to life on a large, high-resolution display.

Read and write longer - A single charge via USB-C powers months of reading and weeks of writing, and the Premium Pen never needs to be charged.

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可以在 Kindle 商店中的數百萬本書籍中記錄筆記,並使用附帶的高級筆在您最喜愛的書籍上寫下想法。筆記會自動整理到一個地方,因此您可以瀏覽、審閱和通過電子郵件導出它們。

Kindle Scribe 允許您使用多種包括的模板創建筆記本、日記和清單。

可以使用 Kindle 應用程序或桌面 Web 瀏覽器導入文檔、審閱和標記 PDF 文件,或在 Microsoft Word 和其他兼容文檔中創建便條。


通過 USB-C 進行一次充電,Kindle Scribe 可以使用數月的閱讀時間和數週的寫作時間,而高級筆則不需要充電。

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